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Small Plates

Steamed Jumbo Shrimp 15

Old Bay/ Onions/ House-made Cocktail Sauce ½ lb

MD Crab Dip 15

Fresh Crab/ Blended Cheeses/ Spices/ Soft Pretzel Sticks

Calamari Fries 14

Citrus Slaw/ Pepperoncini/ Roasted Red Peppers/ Jalapeño Aioli/Bell peppers/ Red Onions/ Tomatoes/ Spiced BBQ/ Cheddar Jack

WTF Wings 14

Choice of Diablo Hot Sauce/ Chili Dry Rub/ Sriracha Honey/ Mango BBQ/ Old Bay

Hand Cut Fries 7

BBQ Dry Rub/ Garlic/ Old Bay/ Plain

Soups/ Salads

MD Crab Soup

Cup 7 Bowl 9

Garden Salad 9

Mixed greens/ Tomatoes/ Cucumbers/ Carrots/ Choice of Dressing

Caesar Salad 9

Romaine/ Shaved Parmesan/ Herb Croutons/ House-made Dressing

Blackened Ahi Tuna Salad 17

Mixed greens/ Bell Peppers/ Red Onion/ Carrots/ Cucumbers/ Crispy wontons/ House-made Vinaigrette

WTF Cobb 16

Lettuce/ Blackened Chicken/ Shrimp/ Hard Boiled Egg/ Jalapeño Bacon/ Avocado/ Buttermilk Ranch

WTF Rice Bowl 14

Chicken or Shrimp/ Rice/ Black Beans/ Pico/ Roasted Corn/ Cheddar Jack/ Avocado Cream Sauce

Mac & Cheese

Traditional 12

Add Chicken 6, Shrimp 8, Crab Cake 11

Goat Cheese & Blackened Chicken 16

Blackened chicken/ Goat Cheese/ Caramelized Onions/ Roasted Red Peppers/ Asparagus/ Cherry Tomatoes

Boss Hog 16

Pork Belly/ Jalapeño Bacon/ Ham/ Pulled pork/ Crispy Fried Onions


Tacos & Wraps

Chipotle Chicken Tacos 12

Braised Chicken/ Arugula/ Chipotle Adobe Sauce/ Cheddar Jack

Blackened Catfish Tacos 15

Lime Cabbage/ Pepper Jack/ Avocado/ Salsa

Buffalo Shrimp Tacos 13

Fried Shrimp/ Lime Cabbage/ Red Onion/ Blue Cheese/ Buffalo Sauce

Buffalo Chicken Wrap 14

Chicken/ Lettuce/ Tomatoes/ Red Onion/ Blue Cheese/ Buffalo Sauce

Shrimp Salad Wrap 15

House-made Shrimp Salad/ Celery/ Red Onion/ Mayo/ Old Bay/ Mixed Greens


Smoke on the Water 16

BBQ Rub/ Smoked Bacon/ Chipotle Mayo/ Smoked Gouda/ Fried Onions/ Arugula

Good Morning Burger 15

Smoked Bacon/ Ham/ Vermont Cheddar/ Diablo Salsa/ Arugula/ Fried Egg

Nola Burger 14

Bourbon Brown Sugar Mushrooms/ Caramelized Onions/ Swiss Cheese

Black Bean Burger 14

House-made Vegan Burger/ Avocado/ Salsa/ Lettuce


Crab Cake Sandwich 18

House-made Crab Cake/ Lettuce/ Tomatoes/ Remoulade

Smoked Chicken Cheesesteak 14

Caramelized Onions/ Bourbon Brown Sugar Mushrooms/ Cheese Sauce

Philly Cheesesteak 15

Caramelized Onions/ Lettuce/ Tomato/ Mayo/ Cheddar Cheese

Spicy Po’boy 15

Buttermilk Fried Shrimp/ Jalapeño Bacon/ Arugula/ Chipotle Mayo


Pan Seared Crab Cakes 28

Sweet Potato Fries/ Grilled Asparagus

Grilled Salmon 22

Asparagus/ Rice

Blackened Chicken 20

Topped with Pico/ Rice/ Asparagus




WTF Omelet 12

Ham/ Mushroom/ Caramelized Onions/ Avocado/ Cheddar Jack Cheese/ Pico

Thames Street Omelet 13

Egg Whites/ Spinach/ Tomatoes/ Monterey Jack

Tex Mex Omelet 12

Pork Belly/ Pico / Corn/ Black Bean/ Jalapeños

Bacon, Egg &  Cheese Sandwich 12

Choice of  Fried or Scrambled Eggs/ Lettuce/ Tomato/ Bacon/ Cheddar Cheese

Chicken Waffles 14

Choice of Chocolate Chip, Blueberry or Plain Waffle/ Fried Chicken/Bacon

Old School 14

Three Eggs Over Easy or Scrambled/ Bacon or Sausage/ Tots

Pancakes 12

Choice of Chocolate Chip, Blueberry or Buttermilk/ Choice of Bacon or Sausage

Smores Pancakes 14

Buttermilk Pancake /Chocolate Chip/Marshmallow/Graham Cracker

BBQ Breakfast Bowl 16

Pulled Pork/ Caramelized Onions/ Potatoes/ Herbs/ BBQ sauce/ Cheddar Jack/ Two eggs

Corned beef hash Bowl 15

Potatoes/Sautéed Onion/ Bell Pepper/ Cheddar Jack Cheese/ Two Eggs


Smoke On The Water 16

BBQ Rub/ Smoked Bacon/ Chipotle Mayo/ Smoked Gouda/ Fried Onions/ Arugula

Good Morning Burger 15

Smoked Bacon/ Ham/ Vermont Cheddar/ Diablo Salsa/ Arugula/ Fried Egg

Nola Burger 14

Bourbon Brown Sugar Mushrooms/ Caramelized Onions/ Swiss Cheese

Black Bean Burger 14

House-made Vegan Burger/ Avocado/ Salsa / Lettuce



Titos Strawberry Lemonade 8/15

Titos / Strawberries / Lemonade

Lime Crush 8/15

Citrus Vodka / Fresh Lime Juice / Sprite

Lemon Crush 8/15

Citrus Vodka / Fresh Lemon Juice / Sprite

Grapefruit Crush 8/15

Grapefruit Vodka  / Fresh Grapefruit Juice / Sprite

Key Lime Crush 8/15

Vanilla Vodka  / Fresh Lime Juice / Sprite

Orange Crush 8/15

Orange Vodka / Fresh Orange Juice / Sprite

Lemon Meringue Crush 8/15

Vanilla Vodka / Fresh Lemon Juice / Sprite

Cherry Limeade Crush 8/15

Cherry Vodka / Lime Juice / Grenadine / Sprite

Creamsicle Crush 8/15

Vanilla Vodka / Orange Juice / Sprite

Sangria 8/15

Red / White

Margarita 8/15

Tequila / Triple Sec / Lime Juice

Fells Point Punch 8/15

White Rum / Coconut Rum / Banana / Fruit Juices

Jameson Green Tea 8/15

Jameson/ Peach / Sour / Sprite

Irish Mule 8/15

Jameson / Lime Juice / Ginger Beer

WTF Mule 8/15

Vodka / Lime Juice / Ginger Beer

Blueberry Lemonade 8/15

Vodka / Blueberry Purée / Lemonade

Basil Bourbon Orange Smash 8/15

Whiskey / Simple / Basil / Orange Juice / Club Soda

Pain Killer 8/15

Goslings / Piña Colada / Orange Juice / Pineapple / Sprite

Watermelon Basil Refresher 8/15

Fresh Watermelon / Vodka / Simple / Lime Juice / Basil / Club Soda

Dragonfruit Mojito 8/15

Dragonfruit Vodka / Mint / Lime Juice / Club Soda

Peach Ice Pick 8/15

Peach Vodka / Tea / Simple

Blue Razz Blow Pop 8/15

Blue Raspberry Vodka / Cotton Candy Simple / Sour / Cranberry

Domestic Bottles

Bud light / Miller light / Coors light / Yeungling / Michelob Ultra / Blue Moon / Natty Boh / Union Blackwing /
Angry Orchard / Guinness Blonde / White Claw / Truly
Ask About Our Rotating Bottles & Cans

Draught Beers

Guinness / Union Duckpin / Miller Lite / Sam Adams Seasonal / Ace Berry Rosé Cider / Flying Dog Truth IPA /
RAR Groove City / Stella / Leinenkugel Summer Shandy
Ask About Our Rotating Seasonal Selections

Brunch Cocktails

Available 10am to 2pm Saturday & Sunday for $4
Bloody Mary, Screwdriver, Mimosa, and Michelada






there are no upcoming events

All shows start at 830pm Sunday-Wednesday and 10pm Thursday-Saturday. As always, never a cover!



 Stayed tuned for upcoming details!





there are no upcoming events



If these walls could talk…*

They’d tell you about when this building was built as a private residence in 1771, and the location of the loose brick behind which owner Thomas Long hid cigars from his disapproving wife…

Or when the building was converted to a hotel in 1781 by Irishman Cumberland Dugan, who originated the tradition of leaving an open clam on the pillow of each guest…

Or the dark and stormy night E. A. Poe stopped in for a root beer float…

And the breaking dawn in 1863 that found visiting Civil War troops singing “Maryland, My Maryland” and shooting stale biscuits over the harbor.

And the day in 1921 Pinkerton Detective and future Maltese Falcon author Dashiell Hammett ordered a hard-boiled egg…

Most certainly they would tell you about the time legendary beauty Wallis Simpson taught King Edward VIII how to dance the Cincinnati Two Step…

Or the day the Colts offensive line came in, discovered we were out of our world famous crab dip and began to play catch with the prep cook.

And the night a traveling fiddle salesman taught the entire bar how to play “Sweet Georgia Brown” on 26 used violins, thus launching the Waterfront’s long tradition of rousing live entertainment every night of the week.

Or the time a would be hold up man walked into a filming of “Homicide, Life on the Street” and immediately gave himself up.

Yes, tradition runs deep here and today the Waterfront remains a Fells Point staple; a lively den of mermaid tales, salty jokes, delicious grub and cold pints – all for a reasonable pocket of coin.

*If you squint your left eye a good part of this is true.

Postscript: Actually one of the walls here does occasionally talk. The one on the left at the top of the stairs. Be sure to ask it about the night Martha Washington slept here. But not with George.

WTF Gallery

About WTF

A Fells Point landmark, with house rocking live music, delicious grub
and patrons who know how to have fun—Waterfront style.




Friday  11am-11pm

Saturday 10am-11pm

Sunday 10am-10pm

Kitchen Closes One Hour Before Restaurant Closing

Indoor & Cafe Dining  Now Available

1710 Thames St., Baltimore, MD


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